TERMS AND CONDITIONS (partial refunds for tour cancellations)

If you need to cancel your tour by e-mail:

- before 91 days from the date of the tour, we refund 90% of the total

- from 90 days to 31 days before the date of the tour, we refund 50% of the total

- from 30 days to 8 days before the date of the tour, we refund 25% of the total

- no refund is due from 7 days before to the same day of the tour

Notes: it is not allowed to modify the online reservations made by the automatic online booking system on our official websites. In exceptional cases, any requests for changes, for reasons of an exceptional nature to be sent by e-mail will be subject to evaluation by the Tour Organizer which will communicate the outcome in writing within 72 hours. If requests for changes were to be accepted in whole or in part, the customer will be required to pay a fixed fee of € 20.00 as a practical management cost, excluding any transaction costs..

Contacts Mobile Phone: +39 349 6109957